Investment Fraud Lawyers List

Investment Fraud Lawyers

Investment losses can be devastating and life-changing. New investors often don’t understand the cause of their investment losses or what their legal options are in the wake of them. Many investors simply blame themselves and don’t even consider contacting a securities fraud lawyer or pursuing securities litigation to redress their financial advisors’ coercion or misrepresentation.

Regardless of whether you’ve invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, or another type of security, you deserve justice if you’ve been misled.

The Guiliano Law Group Can Help You Recover Investment Losses

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t rely upon self-proclaimed expertise, attorney advertising, or a flashy website. Quite the opposite—our legal track record speaks for itself.

Although we have all mostly come from large or larger law firms, we are a “boutique” law firm nationally situated across the country that only does one thing: represent investors in securities arbitration claims against stockbrokers and their brokerages firm for misconduct, including securities fraud, negligence, ponzi schemes, breach of fiduciary duty, the recommendation of defective investment products, unsuitable investments, theft, selling away, and the failure to supervise.

We have the resources, knowledge and experience to take on large, multinational financial and investment firms and their associated persons to recover your investment losses. Our clients prefer us because we get results. Arbitrators generally like us, or at least listen to us, because of our civility, knowledge of the relevant legal issues, and the quality of our work product.

We’re here to help. Call us at (877) 732-2889 or fill out a contact form for a no obligation Free Consultation.

FINRA Securities Arbitration

Investor claims against securities broker-dealers, stockbrokers,  and investment professionals.

Defective Financial Products

Alternative Investments, Structured Products, Derivative Securities, Hedge Funds, Promissory Notes, Non-Marketable REITs, BDCs and LPs.

Unsuitable Investments

Speculative or High Risk Investments, Unsuitable Investment Strategies, Low Priced Securities, Inappropriate Investment Recommendations.

Stockbroker Misconduct

Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Fraud, Theft and Misappropriation, Ponzi-Schemes,  Private Securities Transactions, Unregistered Securities.

When to Consider an Investment Fraud Attorney

Many investors are also unaware that they are required to arbitrate their claims and may be able to recover their investment losses by filing an action before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), which serves as a forum for the adjudication of these claims.

Wronged investors also have a duty to act, or else their claims may be barred by operation of law and the passage of time from the occurrence or events giving rise to their claims (and, when applicable, the discovery of these claims upon the exercise of reasonable diligence).

Fortunately, you have the power to recover your investment losses resulting from broker misconduct such as stockbroker fraud, unauthorized trading, excessive trading, negligence, the sale of defective financial products, and/or investment recommendations involving unsuitable investments.

Investment Fraud Lawyers

If you suspect you have been the victim of securities or investment fraud, you should consult a qualified securities arbitration and securities fraud attorney to determine your rights and responsibilities.

Not Every Investor Needs a Fraud Lawyer

A disclaimer: not all investment losses are actionable. Nor are all the results of misconduct. All types of investments involve risk. However, stockbrokers and their brokerage firms (as well as securities broker-dealers) have certain fiduciary duties owed to their customers, including the duty to be truthful, to act in the customer’s best interest, to conduct due diligence on financial products, and to make only suitable recommendations to customers based upon their stated investment objectives and tolerance for risk.

Securities broker-dealers also have a duty under the federal securities laws and self-regulatory rules to protect their customer accounts from fraud and to adequately supervise the conduct and activities of their associated persons or stockbrokers (such as conducting business with the investing public, engaging in the sale of securities, and partaking in other investment-related activities).

When is it Too Late to Hire a Brokerage Fraud Lawyer?

Time is always of the essence. Unfortunately, many aggrieved investors procrastinate. They often find it difficult to confront the truth. Many others blame themselves or fail to take action as the result of embarrassment. Many do not know that the law provides for the recovery of their investment losses due to misconduct through the FINRA securities arbitration process.

Brokerage firms or securities broker-dealers can close, file for bankruptcy protection, or are expelled by regulators, often for the same or similar wrongful conduct perpetrated on all or most of their other customers, including you.

The registration and identity of securities broker-dealers change frequently due to mergers and acquisitions within the securities industry. Stockbrokers often change firms, which may have consequences for a variety of reasons, particularly when an investor continues to rely upon misleading investment advice when deciding to buy, sell, or hold a particular security.

All claims are time-sensitive. FINRA securities arbitration claims are only eligible for arbitration before FINRA within six years of the date of events giving rise to their claims, and arguably the discovery of their claims upon the exercise of reasonable diligence.

Under the federal securities laws, all such claims must be brought within two years from the date of discovery of any such claim, or five years from the date of the occurrence of the events giving rise to the claim(s) (whichever period is shorter). Generally, under state law, all claims for common law fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, or other tort issues must be brought within two years of the date of discovery upon the exercise of reasonable diligence.

If an aggrieved investor fails to bring these claims by filing a formal legal action in a court of competent jurisdiction or before FINRA Dispute Resolution within these proscribed times, their claims may be forever lost or time-barred.

Securities Arbitration Claims and Security Fraud Lawyers

Securities arbitration claims often involve complex legal and regulatory issues. Securities broker-dealers often have almost unlimited resources and highly experienced securities arbitration lawyers to vigorously defend such claims.

Cases related to financial services require knowledge of and extensive experience with dealing with relevant legal issues, which often involve the application of federal securities laws, regulations, self-regulatory rules, individual state “blue-sky” laws, the common law, and FINRA rules such as the Code of Arbitration Procedure.

Our firm’s lawyers have over 30 years of experience, during which we have fought hard for the rights of investors. We have accepted and have successfully litigated complex securities arbitration cases and other claims for both small and large investors, including individuals, early retirees, trusts, pension plans, and large institutions from all over the world. Our experience goes beyond the law—we understand complex financial products and securities industry rules, regulations and procedures.

Our clients are more than just our clients—when we take on their fraud cases, we take on their causes.

Signs You Need an Investment Lawyer

Individual investors, irrespective of their background or wealth, have the right to rely upon the knowledge, experience and trusted advice of their investment advisors. Unfortunately, those advisors often take advantage of the people they purport to help. For instance, many investors are solicited through free lunches or dinners and are given a one-sided or fraudulent presentation with regard to a particular (often high-commissioned) investment.

There are many questions you should ask yourself before soliciting the help of a financial advisor. Is your financial professional a registered stockbroker? Or is that person a financial advisor? Or both? Have you limited your right to sue in court, before FINRA, or somewhere else? Does FINRA BrokerCheck reveal a history of customer complaints, arbitration claims or regulatory proceedings against that person or their firm?

What are the stockbroker’s financial incentives? What are the brokerage firm’s financial incentives? Are these securities or financial products being recommended or sold to generate or maximize commissions and fees (and further their own financial interest) generally at the expense of the investor?

Are the securities you are being sold approved by the brokerage firm? Are the securities you are being sold registered, or exempt from registration under state and federal law?

If you have suffered financial losses as a result of any of the aforementioned scams, you should consult a securities arbitration and/or investment fraud lawyer to determine your rights and obligations.

Beware Suspect Securities Fraud Attorneys

Before hiring a securities fraud attorney, it’s critical that you do your due diligence.

Ask prospective counsel if they or their firm have experience litigating FINRA arbitration claims, and if so, for how long. How many cases have they actually tried at a final hearing? What are their other practice areas, if any? Are they members of the Public Investors Advocacy Bar Association (“PIABA”)? Irrespective of firm size, will your case be litigated or tried by an associate or by the person whose name is on the door? Are they responsive to their clients? What do their former clients have to say about them?

Be wary of unlicensed or non-attorney representatives soliciting securities arbitration claims. Be wary of guarantees by anyone promising to win, or promising that they will recover your investment losses or damages, including exemplary damages, interest, costs, lost profits, and attorney’s fees simply to earn your business. Every case is different, and every case involves risk. That person may simply be telling you what you want to hear.

What Makes Us Different from Other Investment Attorneys?

We offer our legal services on a contingent-fee basis, meaning that we advance all costs and there are no legal fees or expenses (where permitted) unless we make a recovery for you. Your only obligation is to cooperate with us in connection with the prosecution of your claims.

Best of all, if you have suffered investment losses, think that you may have been the victim of securities or investment fraud, or are seeking qualified counsel to represent you in a legal matter or securities arbitration claim, (subject to any actual or potential conflicts of interest) we offer investors a free, no-obligation, confidential consultation to investigate any claims that they may have.

We do not accept all claims, but the evaluation/investigation of your claim can be simple and convenient. Our office is always available. Moreover, we are always available by appointment for a virtual consultation to discuss any securities-related claim that you may have with a qualified securities arbitration lawyer, free of charge and without obligation.

Contact us today for more information or to speak with one of our investment fraud attorneys.


Because Experience Matters
Let Us Fight for You

– Experience –

Trial and Litigation skills, backed by subject matter knowledge, litigation experience before FINRA, the discovery process and the Code of Arbitration Procedure.

Within the last 30 years, we have successfully represented more than 1,000 clients, including institutions, pension funds, trusts, and individuals from all walks of life, from celebrities and lottery winners to police officers, and early retirees, nationally, from almost every state in America, and internationally, from South America to the Far East.

– Aggressive Representation –

Litigation is seldom a level playing field. Results are always the product of aggressive advocacy, a dedication to the issues, hard work, impeccable preparedness, creativity, and zeal.

We work on very large cases and very small cases. What is important to us is your case.

– Reputation –

Honesty and integrity with respect to our clients, intellectual honesty, integrity and respect to the process, opposing counsel and the tribunal.

Our practice is limited to the litigation of securities related matters. That is all we do, and that it all we have ever done. We deliver the highest work product and quality legal services to our clients. Our reputation is important. We get results. That is who we are and that is what we are known for.

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Roderick Len Whited of Gainesville, Florida, a stockbroker registered with Northwestern Mutual Investment Services LLC,…

"First Name I Would Mention"

I had questions and sought a consultation regarding what I believed to have been inappropriate treatment by my brokerage firm. He took the time to give me a clear understanding of what was involved and clearly described next steps to resolve the matter. He did this in a concise, complete and friendly manner. Although in the scheme of things my matter was small. From what I have seen, if I ever had need of a securities lawyer or was asked to refer one to a friend, Nicholas would undoubtedly be the first name I would mention.

Keith (Avvo)

I had a problem with a dishonorable Financial Adviser! So I contacted Mr. Guiliano to see what I could do. Nick said I can't very well charge you for something you can do on your own! Then proceeded to tell me what to do. Because of the short amount of time and my untrustworthy financial adviser's not crossing tee's and dotting I's my life's savings is in the process of being transferred into 3 separate accounts. One's that will work best for me. Instead of one account that kept my money out of my reach! You will have a hard time finding a more upstanding Attorney then Mr. Guiliano!

Walter (Avvo)
"Successful in Achieving Results"

I was the one who contacted Nick through his website as my ex-wife had little or no knowledge of investments, and depended completely on the advice of the investment firm. Without specifics I can say that Nick (and his wife) were not only successful in achieving results in the case, but in the process were all that one could expect (and more) as shown in my overall ratings above. I would highly recommend him.

Joe S. (Avvo)
Excellent Attorney!

Nick represented my wife and I in a recent lawsuit. He was the best attorney we have ever used! Communication was great, he kept us updated regularly, he explained everything in great detail, gave us all our options, and most importantly we always felt he represented our best interest throughout the entire process. We would highly recommend Nick!

Brian F. (Avvo)

"One In A Million"

Nicholas is extremely knowledgeable regarding many facets of the sometimes complicated securities business. This comes from his first hand experience in the business prior to his decision to practice law. Nick is also very dedicated to staying abreast of the ever changing environment that is so prevalent in the investment world. Combine that with his drive and determination to get things done and you have one in a million!!!

Anthony S. (Avvo)
"Dependable and Accessible"

Philadelphia has lived up to it's reputation as having the best attorneys in the Country. I had been told I had a problem of having a Hedge Fund investment. He went to a lot of time and trouble to not take my case. What I really appreciate is his work ethic. He was very kind to me not only with the generosity of his time, but with his words of support. No civilian, like myself, wants a lawsuit but if I ever needed one, it is Mr, Guiliano who I would call upon to represent me. He is a good man.

Kathleen (Avvo)
"Absolutely Fantastic"

Nick represented me when a stock broker took advantage of the money I had in my portfolio. He did an unbelievable job because most people thought I did not have a leg to stand on. He really knows his field. I am really thankful that I met Nick because he did a phenomenal job. I would highly recommend him.

Theresa S.
"Successful in Winning"

Nicholas Guiliano was successful in winning a case against one of the firms where I had invested. I had a safe investment until a young eager stock broker took over my account and slowly kept putting my money in risky stocks, all while I was on disability. Nick was able to get me a portion of my money back within 2 months. He always was available to speak, and very courteous. I am so grateful to have found Nick. Thank you Nick!
Jill I. (Avvo)

"Ability To Think Outside The Box"

Nick Guiliano came highly recommended to me and I was very fortunate that he agreed to take my case. His knowledge of the law and his ability to think outside the box amazed me more and more as my case progressed. His aggressive style and total dedication to me and my case gave me the confidence that we were going to prevail and we did. He is one of the few Attorneys that does not finish his work at end of the day. He was always thinking of ways to use his expertise and knowledge on my behalf. On a personal note, he is a very down to earth guy who makes you very comfortable and at ease. He gave me the ability to sleep at night knowing that my case was in his hands. I will always recommend him without any reservations. In my book he is “the Best”

Jerry V. (Avvo)
"His Ability And Advice Paid Off"

We called Mr. Guiliano after reading his article in Forbes magazine. Although we though the statue of limitations might have run out on our case, we were thrilled when he took our case. Against the odds, he was able to get a settlement for us. He kept us informed and advised us on the proper course of action. We always felt confident with his ability and advice and it paid off. Highly recommend.

Cris (Avvo)
"Recommend Him Strongly"

I used Mr. Guiliano for a investment fraud case and he did a very good job. I got a good deal of my money back that had been lost due to risky investments I was put into by a prominent company. It was not a really big case, yet Mr. Guiliano was interested and responsive and kept on top of things for me. I would recommend him strongly.

Anne H. (Avvo)
"Superb Representation"

Mr. Guiliano (Nicholas) represented my mother and I in an investment case where it appeared the agent was preying on elderly people and steering them to improper investments to reap commissions. Mr Guilano did an excellent job of preparing the case and representing us. Although the case settled out of court, it was the best outcome expected for several technical reasons out of his control. He always kept us informed and provided sound recommendations. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Guiliano for any investment related case.

Bob W. (Avvo)
"Somebody you want on your side"

Personable and professional, he is the one to go to when investors are defrauded by Brokerage houses and Investment banks. Somebody you want on your side when things go wrong. He takes personal interest in every case and tries his best. Although I could not recover all my losses due to Fed/SEC action which was beyond his control, I would give Mr. Guiliano full marks on every count. He even worked with my accountants to help me write off losses due to fraud.

Ashok N. (Avvo)
"Awesome Results"

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere congratulations for your awesome results. I want to acknowledge my appreciation and respect for their splendid professionalism and knowledge you have shown in handling the laws (previous and present), for arbitration over fraud litigations.

"Best Of The Best"

I have employed Nick Guiliano personally and on behalf of my clients in the past. Nick is absolutely the best securities lawyer in Philly if not the country. The best of the Best!

"Finest Litigation Attorneys"

I have been a Corporate Counsel for over 30 years having worked with Banks and large public companies. Nick is one of the finest litigation attorneys in the country.

Anthony P. (Google Business)
"Fights for his clients like a bull dog"

I contacted Nicholas Guiliano for my 90 year old mother, who lives in Oregon to assist her in recovering from an unscrupulous financial manager who talked her into investing in some very high risk and speculative securities to reap high commissions. Mr Guiliano worked very hard to recover what he could for my mother. He is the best and fights for his clients like a bull dog to uphold their rights and protect their interests. I highly recommend Mr Guiliano and his firm when it comes to securities issues.

"Man Of Integrity"

Nick is an incredibly decent Atty. He's a man of integrity, fairness, and honesty. You could see that it's wasn't just me who noticed, it was opposing counsel, at the end of the Zoom! I'm completely impressed with Nick and will keep him in my prayers. Thanks again!

"Very Good To Work With"

My case was taken on a contingency basis. Even though it lasted about two years, the Guiliano law firm kept in contact with me, continued to research the case and brought it to a successful conclusion. They were very supportive of me in my first such experience and were very good to work with.

"We are so very grateful"

My husband and I were lucky to find Nick after losing a substantial amount of money due to poor investing from a prominent company. He made us feel at ease right away and was always accessible for questions and concerns. Nick and his team were wonderful with gathering up all the pertinent information needed for our case, constantly in contact with us, answering all of our questions, which helped to make the process a lot less stressful. We are so very grateful to have had The Guiliano Law Firm represent us and the fact that they did it on a contingency basis made it possible to follow through. If not for them, we would never have been able to pursue this, financially or emotionally.

Stacey B. (Avvo)
"Incredibly Resourceful"

Nick was incredibly resourceful and professional. His understanding of securities and investment fraud is unparalleled. He is indeed connected with all the powers to be , and is able to provide intellectual and cogent insights. He is tenacious in fighting for his clients, and will never relent. I was able to follow his recommendations and am glad I did.

Mark C. (Avvo)


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