The Information you provide to us is for the purpose of seeking legal representation, and therefore, is confidential and privileged. Documents that you provide to us, also in connection with seeking legal advice, or for purposes of our investigation, are also confidential and privileged (subject to certain limitations).

For purposes of our evaluation or your claim, and whether we can assist you or offer you representation, you should send us any documents that relate in any way to your claim. Important or relevant documents include customer statements, new account forms, confirmations, disclosure agreements, correspondence, e-mail or electronic communications, and other documents from any source.

Please do not create documents. Never write notes or make notations on any original documents. Never contact the securities firm, stockbroker or investment professional that is the subject of your claim. Upon request, we can prepare an authorization or request for you to obtain certain documents directly from any firm.

Do not forward e-mails or electronic communications directly to us. Instead, print them or save them to .pdf (portable document format) and send them to electronically as attachments.

Documents can sent to us electronically. Documents, including large documents or files in excess of 25 MB, may be securely transmitted to us on our server, or sent to us, via DropBox or Google Drive. Physical or paper copies of documents can also be scanned or imaged.

However, if you would rather send us paper documents, you may send us copies of these documents by regular mail, or by overnight delivery. Please do not send original documents. However, when sending original documents, please be sure to transmit them to us by Federal Express, UPS or Priority Mail from the U.S. Postal Service. Our central mailing address is: The Guiliano Law Group, P.C., 1700 Market Street, Suite 1005, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103.

All original or other documents provided to us will be returned to you at our expense.

You can also call us directly with any questions at (877) SEC-ATTY.

Guiliano Law Group

Our practice is limited to the representation of investors. We accept representation on a contingent fee basis, meaning there is no cost to you unless we make a recovery for you. There is never any charge for a consultation or an evaluation of your claim. For more information, contact us at (877) SEC-ATTY.