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When contacting us, other than providing your identity and the identity of the entity against whom you may have a claim, please do not provide any other confidential information regarding your claim. Any attorney-client relationship, which brings with it our duty of attorney-client confidentiality, can only be established after all potential conflicts of interest may be developed. Contacting us by any means, including by electronic or other means, shall not create an attorney client relationship.

Once we determine that no actual or potential conflicts of interest reasonably exist, we may offer to investigate your claims, and whether to undertake your representation. Information sent by e-mail or the Internet may not be secure, or may be intercepted, by others. We shall endeavor to keep information provided to us in connection with you seeking legal advice from us, in connection with any offer to investigate your claim from us, confidential, subject to certain conditions provided it is not used for the purposes of furthering a fraud or crime or does not relate to a controversy between us.

Otherwise, an attorney-client relationship will only be established when a written fee agreement setting forth the scope of any representation is offered and accepted by you.

All claims arising under state or federal law have deadlines, are time sensitive and will be forever barred or lost if not formally brought in court, or in arbitration, within a specified period of time after these events occurred or should have been discovered. It is important that you consult with qualified counsel to determine which deadlines may apply to your particular claims.

In connection with either accepting or rejecting your representation in any matter, should we express any preliminary thoughts about your claim, it is important for you to remember that such tentative conclusions would have been subject to change after a more complete review of the facts, including your documents, that we would have made if we had decided to offer to represent you, and may be seriously in error, depending on what a more complete review would have disclosed. Accordingly, you should not rely on them.

We also cannot provide you with any investment advice, and cannot predict if any of the securities you own, or which may be the subject of your arbitration claim, may increase or decrease in value. If you independently determine to hold these securities, and they decline in value, the responsible party may argue that they are not responsible, and conversely, if you continue to own these securities and they increase in value, they will argue that your damages have been decreased. Investment decisions, generally, should be made without regard to the existence or anticipated outcome of any litigation, but in any event, we are unable to provide you with any investment related advice.

In addition, should you receive notice or learn that any claim, or any security that is the subject of any potential arbitration, is also the subject or becomes the subject of a Class Action, you may be required to opt-out and request to be excluded from any such Class Action, or else your arbitration claim may later be determined to have been included, and thereby barred in connection with the settlement or disposition of any Class Action.

You should also note that the determination for the need for legal services and the choice of a lawyer are extremely important decisions that should not be based solely on advertisements or self proclaimed expertise. The limitation or concentration in any area of practice does not mean that a lawyer is a specialist or expert in a field of law, nor does it mean that the lawyer is necessarily any more expert or competent than any other lawyer. No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services to be performed by other lawyers. No certification as a specialist or certification in any field of practice has been granted or approved by any state or the American Bar Association. All potential clients are urged to make their own independent investigation and evaluation of any lawyer being considered

Not admitted to practice law in all jurisdictions. Appearances limited to securities arbitrations in accordance with the Code of Arbitration Procedure, and American Bar Association Model Rules Conduct Rule 5.5.

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Our practice is limited to the representation of investors. We accept representation on a contingent fee basis, meaning that there is no cost to you unless we make a recovery for you. There is never any charge for a consultation for a confidential evaluation of your claim. For more information, contact us at (877) SEC-ATTY.

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