What documents do I need to provide to evaluate my case?

Once we determine that we are permitted to undertake a potential client’s notation, and determine that no actual or potential conflict of interest may exist, we may offer to investigate or evaluate a potential claim.

In order for us to evaluate a case or claims, it is important that the potential client complete our New Client Questionnaire, as accurately and completely as they can, and return it to us with all the documents associated with their account, including, to the extent possible, their new account forms, customer statements, confirmations, correspondence, complaints (of any kind), risk analyses, investor questionnaires, or any other documents that may be considered important.

These documents may be sent to us electronically, via e-mail or alternatively may be sent to us by mail, or by overnight delivery. However, when sending original documents, please be sure to transmit them to us by a traceable or trackable means such as Federal Express, UPS or Priority Mail from the U.S. Postal Service.

All original or other documents provided to us, will be returned to a potential client, at our expense, and there is no charge for us to evaluate any claim you may have.

What happens if you decide to undertake my representation?

If we decide to undertake your representation, we provide to you a written fee agreement setting forth the scope of our representation, the terms of our compensation, and our respective rights and responsibilities. Except with respect to confidentiality, it is only when this written offer is made and accepted that an attorney client relationship is effected.

We then draft a Statement of Claim, which is a formal document setting forth the facts and the legal basis of your claim, for your review and comment, along with a Uniform Submission Agreement agreeing to be bound by the Code of Arbitration Procedure.

What happens if you decide not to undertake my representation?

If we decide not to undertake your representation, we return any original documents that you may have provided us to you, we destroy copies of any documents you may have provided to us, and we sent to you a written communication, as promptly as possible, indicating that we have declined to accept your representation.

By permitting us to review or evaluate any potential claim you may have, before we representation is offer to you a written fee agreement formally undertaking your representation in we are assuming no responsibility, and shall not be responsible should it later be determined that any putative claim was not brought in a timely manner, or is forever barred or lost, as a result of the applicable statute of limitation.

Guiliano Law Group

Our practice is limited to the representation of investors. We accept representation on a contingent fee basis, meaning there is no cost to you unless we make a recovery for you. There is never any charge for a consultation or an evaluation of your claim. For more information, contact us at (877) SEC-ATTY.

For more information concerning common claims against stockbrokers and investment professionals, please visit us at securitiesarbitrations.com.