Wronged Investors Have Options

If you have suffered from significant stock market or securities investment losses, and think you may have been misled by your stockbroker, you may be able to recover your investment losses due to fraud.

Many people write off investment losses as bad choices, or just feel gullible for trusting the wrong stockbroker, and believe that there is no option for investment loss recovery. There are, however, a number of instances where investment losses CAN be recovered.

Wronged investors may have the opportunity to bring a claim before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) in Arbitration against their stockbrokers or investment professionals to recover their investment fraud losses resulting from fraud in connection with the sale of securities, the sale of unsuitable securities, breach of fiduciary duty, and the failure to supervise.

While not all investment losses are recoverable, the important thing is to speak to an experienced securities arbitration and investment fraud lawyer to determine if you have a viable claim. Many firms provide free consultations, and many of these cases are handled on a contingent fee basis.

Guiliano Law Firm

All cases at the Guiliano Law Firm are handled on a contingency fee basis meaning that there is no cost or obligation, unless we are able to recovery your investment fraud losses, and there is never any charge for a free consultation.

Nicholas J. Guiliano is nationally known and has extensive experience in the litigation of securities related matters before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

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