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Cary Alan Moskowitz of New York New York a stockbroker currently associated with UBS Financial Services has been referenced in a customer initiated investment related complaint in which the customer requested $14,000,000.00 in damages supported by allegations that unsuitable options transactions had been executed in the customer’s account during the period in which Moskowitz was employed by UBS Financial Services.

According to the complaint, high risk and speculative uncovered naked options had been written by Moskowitz. Options were allegedly sold short without the customer possessing the requisite number of shares to cover calls. The claim alleges that transactions failed to align with the customer’s objectives for investing and tolerance for risk and that the stockbroker misrepresented risks pertaining to options transactions.

Moskowitz has been identified in two more customer initiated investment related disputes concerning accusations of the stockbroker’s misconduct while associated with Morgan Stanley and Dean Witter Reynolds. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Public Disclosure reveals that a customer filed an investment related complaint in reference to Moskowitz’s conduct where the customer sought unspecified damages based upon accusations of misrepresented mutual fund transactions that were effected by the stockbroker at Dean Witter Reynolds.

Another customer filed an investment related complaint concerning Moskowitz’s activities where the customer sought $200,000.00 in damages founded on accusations that misrepresentations were made by the stockbroker and that the customer was misled with regard to mutual fund trades executed in the customer’s account while Moskowitz was employed by Morgan Stanley. The claim alleges that the stockbroker’s investment recommendations were unsuitable for the customer.