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Sean Daniel McDevitt of Chappaqua, New York, a stockbroker registered with Campfire Capital, is the subject of a customer initiated investment related FINRA securities arbitration claim in which the customer requested $500,000.00 in damages based upon allegations that McDevitt solicited an outside investment arrangement in which funds were potentially misappropriated. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Arbitration No. 22-00084 (January 13, 2022).

FINRA Public Disclosure shows that McDevitt has been fined $10,000.00 and suspended for six months from associating with any FINRA member in any capacity because McDevitt engaged in private securities transactions or “selling away.” Letter of Acceptance, Waiver, and Consent No. 2019061982001 (February 25, 2021).

According to the AWC, from August 2015 through June 9, 2016, during the time that he was associated with WoodRock Securities, McDevitt engaged in four undisclosed private transactions. FINRA states that McDevitt solicited investors to buy promissory notes in a software company that McDevitt controlled as chairman and CEO. The investors ultimately purchased $600,000.00 in promissory notes. Therefore, McDevitt violated FINRA Rules 2010 and 3280.

McDevitt was associated with Woodrock Securities LP in Houston, Texas, as a stockbroker from November of 2015 to December of 2016, and associated with Campfire Capital in Chappaqua, New York, as a stockbroker from January of 2019 to January of 2021.