investment arbitration

Oscar Lee Harrison II of Fremont, California, a stockbroker registered with LPL Financial LLC, was the subject of a customer initiated investment related complaint filed on April 22, 2021. In this complaint, the customer requested $100,000.00 in damages based upon allegations that Harrison “refused” to execute an order to purchase 1,000 shares of ERI stocks during the time that Harrison was associated with LPL Financial LLC.  Stockbrokers have an absolute right to refuse opening customer purchase orders.  However, this customer apparently only complained a year later and after the stock went up.  During this period, the customer would have received at least 12 customer statements showing that he did not own the subject securities. This complaint was denied by his employer.

FINRA Public Disclosure additionally shows that on December 18, 2020, a customer filed an investment related complaint involving Harrison’s conduct in which the customer alleged forgery on paperwork concerning variable annuity benefits. The complaint was also denied on March 9, 2021.

Harrison was referenced in a customer initiated investment related complaint that was settled on June 9, 2020, for $17,685.34 in damages. The complaint involved allegations that Harrison engaged in unauthorized trading in mutual funds and made misrepresentations of material fact in connection with the sale of a variable annuity.

Harrison has been associated with LPL Financial LLC in Fremont, California since April 4, 2017, in both stockbroker and investment adviser capacities.