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Frederick Peter Baerenz (also known as Fred Baerenz) of Great Falls Virginia a stockbroker formerly registered with Kalos Capital Inc. is referenced in a customer initiated investment complaint which was settled for $14,000.00 in damages on August 20, 2020, based upon accusations that Baerenz provided unsuitable recommendations regarding alternative investment transactions during the time that he was employed by Kalos Capital. According to the complaint, misrepresentations and omissions had been made by Baerenz. Due diligence was allegedly not undertaken by Kalos Capital before the customer was advised to purchase the alternative investments. The complaint also alleges breach of fiduciary duty.

Baerenz has been identified in two customer initiated investment related disputes regarding allegations of his harmful actions while employed by Pacific West Securities and Kalos Capital. FINRA Public Disclosure shows that a customer who brought an investment related FINRA securities arbitration claim against Baerenz received an award of $331,000.00 in compensatory damages based on the Arbitration Panel finding Baerenz liable for causing the customer’s losses. FINRA Arbitration No. 15-00443 (July 11, 2016). The Statement of Claim alleges breach of contract, and the violation of FINRA rules, Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Rule 10b-5. Accusations also include unsuitable trading and misrepresentation by Baerenz as it pertained to the customer’s securities transactions.

Baerenz is also the subject of a customer initiated investment related FINRA securities arbitration claim which was resolved for $50,000.00 in damages supported by allegations of Baerenz having the customer invest in unsuitable alternative investments and real estate security products when he was associated with Kalos Capital. FINRA Arbitration No. 19-02283 (October 31, 2019).

Baerenz was registered with Kalos Capital between May 1, 2013, and July 31, 2019.